We welcome Joy Ales to Healthlink Advisors

We welcome Joy Ales to Healthlink Advisors

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Joy Ales!

Joy joins our firm as a Manager and brings years of experience as a critical nurse, director of quality and risk management, and a healthcare data analytics specialist. She holds her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rockhurst College/Research College of Nursing and her Masters in Healthcare Administration from Bellevue University.

Over her career, she has used her clinical experience and understanding of the importance of data integrity to help organizations use data in meaningful ways. While Joy has enjoyed and learned from her time in the clinical world as both a frontline nurse and a hospital leader, her journey as a consultant has allowed her to focus on specific, strategic tasks for an organization. She has helped shape data governance methodologies and bridged the gap between clinical and analytics teams (particularly, emphasizing that the word “void” has different meanings for clinicians and data analysts!).

Always looking for new ways to learn and grow, Joy was grateful for the opportunity to join the Healthlink Advisors team. She was attracted to the sense of community and belonging within the organization and felt the deliberate balance of high performance, collaboration, and the emphasis on caring for team members.

A native of central Kansas, Joy currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri with her two boys, both of who are following their mother’s footsteps with careers in nursing and IT. Joy enjoys the rolling flatlands and small-town feel of Missouri. She enjoys traveling all over the country and especially loves visiting the beautiful, remote areas of Maine. Joy also enjoys watching her Kansas City Chiefs and Royals play throughout the year.

Welcome aboard, Joy!