Team member spotlight: Tracy Alfano

Team member spotlight: Tracy Alfano

Our employee spotlight this month shines on Tracy Alfano one of our firm’s Talent Acquisition Specialists. We’re excited to share some highlights from a recent conversation with her:

Q: What inspired you to get involved with health IT consulting?

A: After college, I had the opportunity to work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and learned a lot about the provider side of healthcare. I quickly realized that it is constantly changing, its challenging and impacts every single person, something I became passionate about. After moving to the vendor side of healthcare at athenahealth it quickly became apparent the importance technology played in the space as well as the challenges it creates. Healthcare IT consulting was a place where all of this came together for me and I have been able to work with very talented problem solvers who want to make healthcare better for all. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about health IT consulting?

A: The industry challenges me to keep learning and growing. I love the people I get to work with, there are so many diverse backgrounds with their own story of why they joined the industry but all united by one common goal of making healthcare better. As a talent acquisition specialist, half the battle is feeling connected to what your recruiting for, which is something that has always been easy for me in this space.

Q: What is something that you would like to achieve?

A: Healthcare is going to keep evolving and presenting new challenges for us to solve. I can play a part in solving these challenges by recruiting smart, motivated and passionate people to the industry.

Q: Looking back, is there advice that you wish you had been given upon entering the industry?

A: Learn from the people around you, get to know your colleagues, understand where they came from, what their background and area of expertise is and you will gain so much knowledge! The other aspect I wish I knew was how complex the industry is and how quickly it changes. Never assume anything and keep learning. 

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: Growing up in New Hampshire I spent most of my time outside hiking, biking, skiing, skating, and snowshoeing. This led me to love being outside, going for hikes with my family and finding new places to explore. I hope this is a passion I can pass along to my son as he grows up. 

Q: Please share a few random fun facts about yourself. 

A: I enjoy traveling and actually met my husband in Australia (he is not Australian). I have an 8 month old son and a 6 year old goldendoodle named Tucker. I love doing power yoga, the hotter the better. I went paragliding in New Zealand and was an avid gymnast growing up which helped me develop healthy life long fitness habits.