Team member spotlight: Dr. Greg Forzley

Team member spotlight: Dr. Greg Forzley

Our employee spotlight this month shines on Dr. Greg Forzley, one of our firm’s Physician Advisors. We’re excited to share some highlights from a recent conversation with him:

Q:  What inspired you to get involved with health IT consulting?

A:  I spent a number of years in health information technology and have been growing with the industry as it evolves. I’m board certified in Clinical Informatics and have served as a Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO).  I want to help organizations by ensuring that we are not just focusing on the technology, but that we need the technology to help us take good care of patients. EHR’s can be frustrating for caregivers, and we can alleviate a lot of frustrations through good communication and follow-up. I want to share my experiences and help organizations succeed. 

Q:  What do you enjoy the most about health IT consulting?

A:  I enjoy bringing my experience helping to solve real-world IT problems, helping people be successful and do the right thing. I enjoy helping organizations focus their energies in setting good goals and achieving those goals.  

Q:  What is something that you would like to achieve?

A:   I want to help engage more physicians in IT strategy development and implementation for their organizations. I want to promote involvement from physicians and clinicians to actively impact change. I want to help them define goals and achieve those goals.   

Q: Looking back, is there advice that you wish you had been given upon entering the industry?

A:  I was an early adopter in the industry. My involvement was early enough that informatics was still a foreign concept. There weren’t a lot of early adopters and I feel fortunate that I had that opportunity. I’ve focused a lot of my career on clinical informatics and engaging people to define better workflows and efficiencies. I’ve also helped influence EHR vendors to change their documentation screens to support workflow. 

Q:  What are you passionate about?

A:   Professionally, I’m passionate about being involved within the community of healthcare. I’ve served in a number of roles at a State level to promote IT (e.g., HIE, Quality healthcare improvement and measurement). 

Personally, I want to have more fun! I have a house on Lake Michigan that I haven’t traditionally spent a lot of time enjoying. I’ve been lucky to spend about 6 months there this past year. My family is very important to me and I’m learning self-care, which is not easy for caregivers. I have a 15 year-old puppy that I love spending time with and taking long walks.   

Q:  Please share a few random fun facts about yourself. 

A:   I’m a bit competitive. In Boy Scouts, my friend challenged me by saying he would be first to achieve a status. We were neck and neck for a long time and ended up both achieved Eagle Scout status. We were the first in that troop to achieve this status in over a decade! 

I’m also a Certified Diver, and I haven’t dove in a long time. I had the opportunity recently to dive and it reminded me how much I love the open water. I love living on Lake Michigan. It’s like living on the ocean without the salt water.