Team Member Spotlight: Ralph Navarrete

Team Member Spotlight: Ralph Navarrete

Our employee spotlight this month shines on Ralph Navarrete, a Senior Consultant in our firm. We’re excited to share some highlights from a recent conversation:

Q:  What inspired you to get involved with health IT consulting?

A:  I have always been interested in improving the patient experience and delivery of care while also making processes easier for everyone involved, including patients, families, clinicians and administrative staff. Strategy is my favorite area to focus on and an aspect that enables me to feel like I’m making a difference by helping organizations make sound decisions about how they deliver care and how to best leverage technology.

Q:  What do you enjoy the most about health IT consulting?

A:  I love working with technology and pushing to stay on top of new progress in the market. It’s a natural interest for me to explore and understand how technology works behind the scenes. Leveraging my own curiosity in the area of health IT consulting enables me to look objectively for opportunities of improvement while always growing my knowledge of the health IT landscape. Working with multiple clients across the U.S. has broadened my exposure as well and I enjoy being able to draw on these different experiences to share with others what works well and what does not.

Q:  What is something that you would like to achieve?

A:  I’m still learning how the consulting world functions, so as I continue to soak in all the knowledge and information throughout this journey, I hope to be able to contribute to our clients’ success by gaining a more strategic mindset and providing valuable information.

When it comes to running, I hope to someday qualify for the Boston Marathon – I’ve got a long way to go!

Q: Looking back, is there advice that you wish you had been given upon entering the industry?

A:  Something important to always keep in mind is that the clients you serve have a lot on their plates, so always strive to put yourself in their shoes. Try to make their lives easier with everything you bring forward while not losing sight of the importance of the work that must be accomplished. Building good relationships is critical!  My last thought is around logistics – always give yourself an extra 30 minutes before any airport travel because sitting on a plane in a sweaty suit is no fun and it hurts to run in dress shoes!

Q:  What are you passionate about?

A:   Effective communication is critical in the type of work we do and I really like focusing on bringing together a story in digital form so that a point is made clearly and concisely. I’m motivated by helping others achieve their goals. In addition to my health IT work life during the week, I have also been coaching at Solidcore for several years and love helping people get stronger and unlock mental strength that they didn’t realize they had. Distance running is also a passion of mine because it’s a great way to test your own drive, resiliency and self-motivation.  

Q:  Please share a few random fun facts about yourself.

A:  Well, I’ve completed 30 races (26 half-marathons and 4 marathons) all before I turned 30!  I love a super tasty slice of New York style pepperoni pizza. My wife and I are huge Disney fans and have visited DisneyWorld several times and will be making our first Disneyland trip later this year!