Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing

Dan Stoke is a man on a mission – and that mission is to continue to propel Healthlink Advisors’ reputation as providing the best client service in our industry. This means always operating in the best interest of the client, striving to help them strategically achieve business goals, and being able to “walk a mile in our client’s shoes.”  

This mission doesn’t always mean securing business, but rather the pursuit of quality business and client satisfaction. Dan understands the value of integrity over winning business. This thinking is omni-present at Healthlink Advisors as we grow a team of smart consultants who work to advance a cause we all believe in. Dan adds, “we empower our team to do what’s right for our clients simply because it is the right thing to do.”

Dan’s approach is always client-centric, looking ahead to anticipate challenges that might arise, creating plans and systems to navigate those challenges, and getting the resources together for successful, quality engagements. “We want to be held accountable for providing real value and making our team part of the client’s team,” Dan says. This drives the best results and ultimately leads to making positive changes in the world of healthcare, especially given today’s rapidly shifting landscape.

Dan recognizes that Healthlink Advisors is unique in the industry because of our experience being in our client’s shoes. Given our experiences living and breathing IT in the hospital and provider settings, we understand the challenges CIOs face, the complexity of the solutions required, and the necessity for a holistic approach to solve them. We don’t just solve the IT challenges, but help guide our clients to successes by bridging clinical and business service lines. We take the time to look at each engagement from the client’s unique perspective and craft a solution that is customized and right for that enterprise.  

“Truly being a strategic partner to our clients goes beyond just quality service,” Dan adds. “It’s a deeper understanding of what our clients need to be successful in the long term and how to help them get there.”